A Sweet Story

Here in our country, Croatia, a grandma is not a grandma if she can’t make sweets out of practically everything. It’s a historical thing, spanning more or less the whole of South East Europe. And so are birthdays: those colorful and cheerful days when a little one becomes a little less of a little one.

Yet, alongside this tradition of sweetness, we are faced with the changes of the modern world. More than grandma’s stories, the little ones now dream about Disney’s new hit, or the adventures of their favorite  superheroes. Moms and dads, meanwhile, work more and have less time to bake sweet things for themselves and their youngsters.

Fun Cake Factory was born out of this marriage of yesterday and today.
Our mission is to take birthdays into this new era and to provide the busy people of today with ready-to-eat sweet things of the highest quality and taste.

Meet the Team

We are a team of three, pushing this young company towards new horizons – and enjoying every single day of the ride. The four of us are veterans of the “art of the consumer:” combined, we have about half a century of experience in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry, across complementary roles.

Here we are. Come say hi and let’s discuss sweet things in 21st century language.

Tomislav Ljutić, CEO
Boris Bajto, Marketing
Goran Banić, Sales