Happy Birthday, Kids!

Celebrate with the cake of your favourite hero

We all know the familiar ritual

The lights go down, everybody gets quiet. Mom enters the room with in the cake, while everybody’s singing “happy birthday to you.” The cake is in front of you, all those candles waiting to be blown out. You are the center of attention.

At Fun Cake Factory, we know how cool it is to blow those candles out. We also happen to know how important the cake on which they sit is. Kids, they love stories. They’re all about their favorite heroes and their adventures. This is why we bring those very heroes to the center of the table – in the most special day of the year.

And since we’re all about sweet frozen things that make people happy, we have a few sweet things for the parents as well: our frozen pancakes, “Ready while you say…:” the formula of homemade, only a couple of minutes of heating away.

Exclusive distribution rights

Creating Value Together

Fun Cake Factory is a Croatian company that holds  distribution agreements for  birthday cakes.

We strive to become market leaders in the premium segment of branded birthday cakes, ready-to-eat frozen pancakes and other products in the snacking and seasonal segments. These are largely untapped market spaces, where the high quality and emotional value of our products command premium pricing.

We consider our distributors as friends and partners, with whom we grow and thrive together. You and us, we work together, delivering unique sweet things that make people happy – and deliver superior value.

Real Life Stories

♪ Happy birthday too youu! ♪


“Nice pancakes you got there! Let us get another bite…”
~ Impressed store customers


“Me, in the center of the table. I totally stole the show!”
Lightning McQueen, Disney Cars cake

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